My fundamental problem with the free to play model is as such. Its not fair. In these games you have members that are playing for free and members that are paying exorbitant amounts of money to play. Take free realms as an example, a game I have played in both modes. While free is fun, there is a limit to what you can enjoy. Right off the bat if you pay, you can pay up to $20 to completely outfit your derby racers, and maybe another $20 to outfit yourself with some of the best weapons in the game. Now I know this is optional but the fact remains if you join and challenge a pay player the chances you are going to lose are very high. I hope that my endeavors in a similar game a creating will shake up the dynamics of the free to play market greatly. Until then enjoy the comic.

While still in a a mode of secrecy, me and my brothers have been working out the final arrangements to start my custom guitar company. I will have more information as I decide to release it but on another front tomorrow I promise to have another comic ready for consumption. I know it has been over a month but honestly it hasn’t felt like that. This was a big undertaking and I realize that now and am ready to recommit to it. Sorry for the lack of updates but the next few months will be well worth it.