6-8-11 Halo 10 Out of Retirement

Some one had to make fun of Microsoft rebooting the recently deceased Halo franchise. Not that I am not going to eventually play Halo 4 but they could have tried to come up with something more original. This could be a very good reason why Indie developers are becoming more of their own market now a days. The big guns like EA or Microsoft would never risk a gamble on a game like Minecraft or any other indie game and with publishing tools like Steam it is becoming even easier to make and sell your own game. Well enjoy Halo 10...
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Time, Ok so this one will be easier and I will post all the rules and stuff later on but as soon as the Fuzed Fiction fan page on Facebook reaches 50 people who like it(could take awhile might amend this later), I will give away a signed print of the first comic. Who knows it might be worth something in 20 years. Hit this link or click on find us on facebook in the sidebar and like the page to be entered.

Well there will be only 3 comics this week, lot of work on the sites. Next week there will be 5 comics as well as a contest of sorts. Winner will get a signed copy of the first comic I did. I will also be announcing a poll of sorts so that readers can choose a 24 page comic strip that I will run drawn by me. More info will come next week along with some other goodies. Enjoy the weekend.